67 years old mother collapsed 16 makes a living as a cleaner sweeping the road

Reckon almost noon, 67, Zheng Feng speed, will be the last bit of trash on the road clean up, then rode a Trike heading home in a hurry. 30 minutes later, his face tired she sees 30 year old son lay quietly in bed, sighed. "FC, hungry, MOM came back, while rice would be nice. "
Double whammy:
The afternoon of April 7, reporters saw Zheng feng, she looks lean, due to the long broom sweeping the street, his hands covered with calluses. Her son ever rich sitting on the bed, seriously atrophied legs curled, is using the same shrinking finger banging on the keyboard. To see his son in good spirits, she told after a few words, to clean the streets and riding a tricycle, take to the road still looking, eyes filled with worry. "Afraid of his own at home worry, he bought a second-hand computer and brighten. "
Talk about old days, Zheng Feng eyes up. 20 years ago, as young as 10-year old son had a high fever, and cause of rheumatoid arthritis, a variety found the hospital but cannot cure and eventually paralyzed in bed at the age of 14 years.
Zheng feng, sudden shock husband down, otherwise healthy husband has suffered from cerebral thrombosis, only more with acres of the family into financial straits. Treat your son in order to save money, her husband regardless of Zheng feng of the opposition, determined to abandon treatment, died three years later in bed.
Zheng Feng wail while son look paralyzed in bed desperate and helpless eyes, she realizes to his son only rely on in the future.
Love without words: support courage
From the age of 14 was confined to bed, blow to Yang Yongfu is understandable. When saw his son lying on his bed, his eyes looked and looked at the ceiling, pierced Zheng feng, "I'll hide and cry, cry and then ran into the room struggled, afraid of him doing silly things. "
During that period, very quiet at home, Zheng Feng carefully, watching his son's every move, "I tried to persuade him, but doesn't come out all the time, but said he won't listen. "So her son every day to tell jokes, tease her son happy. His urgent, she picked up a fish tank from the outside, buy a few fish in it, and put it in the son's room. She also asked residents to a mynah bird of my son.
Rheumatoid most afraid of the cold, wet winter or rainy season, Yang Yongfu's limbs would be a sharp pain. Zheng feng to scrimp and save, his son bought heater. Every night before going to sleep, Zheng Feng is a basin of hot water, gently wipe your feet to the son, and then half an hour massage, even if such care is not too big a part.
Until one day, the silence Yang Yongfu saw his mother is to give yourself massages the foot sweat on his forehead, he hugged his mother, "MOM, I want to drive, you don't have to worry about me. "Zheng Feng shed tears for the first time in front of the son.
Support: finally have the appearance of the home
After 2009, due to demolition, Zheng feng and his son moved to establish a new community of Shushan industrial park fetched in room. Ju Wei purposely gave them were housed on the first floor and terrace walls open up toward the South, leaning to facilitate wheelchair Sun Yongfu.
Ju Wei Lo is also Zheng Feng mother shall be handled separately, and arranged for Zheng Feng cleaning work in order to earn money to support their family. Neighbors will also be without some old furniture, old household appliances to Zheng feng, "thank them, life is not a problem now. "
In order to let his son live a good life, Zheng Feng as a cleaner money, have been stocked with the necessities of life, including the boredom of second-hand computers to the son. "The way this family finally had a home again. "
With the older, Zheng feng's body getting worse every day, suffering from hypertension and heart disease. "I am not afraid of death, is concerned about her son, I did not, then he can do. "Feng Zheng said with concern.