Clean month Shenzhen komeito community beautification

A few days ago, Shenzhen City komeito Office love David Office, Cheng Guan Gong Ming in the stream set integrated market, "clean home landscaping in Shenzhen" in addition to "four pests" campaign, mobilizing the masses more jurisdictions and the public together to participate in the Shenzhen, clean out activities to raise the public consciousness of participation. Day programmes distributed more than 7,000 copies of publicity materials, distribution of family except "four pests" drugs more than 4,500 copies. It is learnt that, in order to promote "clean month in Shenzhen" sanitation clean Action Office at Gongming widely launched all walks of life, vigorously carry out patriotic public health campaign, efforts made Gong Ming cleaner and more beautiful, eco-Gong Ming building a livable.