Cleaner beg for the Universiade overtime cleaner sues Club

Cleaners say they have not signed contracts with the company for many years. Nandu Xinhua Chen Yihuai Photo
Games during the 1.5 hours of overtime a day on average, 39 hours of overtime a month, lasting for up to 7 months a total of 273 hours, Wei Wang, Yue 9 cleaners said, according to the Shenzhen payroll payment regulations, employers should pay for their overtime for thousands of Yuan per person, but in fact did not give enough, therefore, their original owner to the Labor Bureau reported.
1st, labour arbitration Commission, Nanshan District, has been hearing the case, has not yet ruled.
Lu Hongyu and 9 other villagers in Sichuan province was Guangdong Shenzhen King David cleaners of cleaning services company, is responsible for the Moon Bay Road Nanshan section of clean, last December told a meeting of the company, Wei Wang, Yue have sections without a contract, to arrange them to another company called "de profit" sections of the cleaning companies continues to do cleaning. At that time, many people did not accept the proposed employment, several de profits go to the new company.
Before leaving, Wei Wang, Lu Hongyu 9 people demanded more compensation to them. Lu Hongyu in 2004 into the Yue King David, blink of an eye for nearly 8 years, "but over the years the company has never signed labor contracts with employees, annual vacation, we didn't take, 7 months during the Universiade, 9.5 hours of overtime every day, and 1.5 hours of overtime a day on average, and overtime are not given enough. "(Source: Southern Metropolis South),
Cleaners Yang Lingjun to proved Lu Hongyu said true, took out himself of labor contract to reporter see, said: "these are is they later forged of, company has never no find we signed labor contract, you see I this above of ID number fill in of is I II generation ID,, and according to contract Shang wrote of signed time is 2007, then I are also didn't do II generation ID but with generation ID, this not fraud is what? "Yang Lingjun said, for journalists to see the second generation ID card, see back cover of clearly says" licensing for September 2009 ".
Not only that, the cleaners Zhang Jinzhen labor contracts to fill out the ID number is not complete, short of the three-digit number.
In addition, they also reflect the Yue King David owed their overtime during the games. Reporters from their payroll, monthly basic salary is RMB 1320 per person, 1.5 hours of overtime a day on average during the games, and 39 hours of overtime a month, lasting for up to 7 months a total of 273 hours, according to relevant workers in Shenzhen pay provisions, the company should pay overtime over more than 400 Yuan per person per month, but actually paid only 240 Yuan. They reckoned, from March 2011 to September 2011, the Yue King David needed to pay overtime for thousands of Yuan per person.
Business response
All allegations were denied by
Last night, the reporter contacted by the accused party Office Director Liu Yue Wei Wang clean company, 1st, Labor Arbitration Committee hearings that she has to attend, for our staff made a number of allegations she denies.
Director Liu said, are everyone's signature on a contract, we cannot make false, if they think it's fake, may apply to the relevant authorities to do handwriting analysis. Asked why some people contract appear on the identity card number wrong or missing digits, Director Liu not fanciful "ID can go through, telling you the date? "
For overtime during the games complained did not give the issue, she did not give explanations, simply responding to "the thing we have to put in place."
Lawyers say
Blank file signing unfair
After the incident, 9 cleaners to Shenzhen, the legal aid Department to apply for legal aid. Guangdong Han Zhang Jieshan law firm as Attorney of the applicant, after investigation, much of the evidence in the case are all workers in the labor process employers asked to sign blank documents now dispute, the employer took out these look favorable evidence to refute the worker, this is extremely unfair. Cleaners are vulnerable groups, finding a job is not easy, in order to keep a job is not easy, lawyers do their best to help these workers.
It is understood that the two companies are the same in this case boss, increased the difficulty of collecting evidence. 1st, labour arbitration Commission, Nanshan District, has been hearing the case, has not yet ruled.