Cleaner burning trash caused fires more than 200 employees and cadres involved in fire fighting

High-speed OASIS forest fire with border Springs farm, Fu, organization of more than 200 employees and cadres involved in fire in Yanan City Forestry Bureau, 4 hours after the fire.
5 o'clock in the afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene, see Highway guardrail of grass has been burned black, trees charred on the bottom of the Hill, Hill can still see the fire in the distance. Deputy researcher in Yanan City Forestry Bureau Ren Hongyou introduction, has more than 200 people involved in the fire, forest police and forest farm workers are fighting in the mountains. A fire crews said, because the mountain is dead leaves and shrubs, fire through wind burn faster. 5:40 P.M., used water transferred to the scene of the fire, fire fighters in small groups carrying water up the mountain fire. Is responsible for the command of Yanan city forest Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Luo Junli said that fire occurred at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when fire was only a sanitation workers on the side of the road at high speed the burning of refuse, after an investigation, determined was the improper operation of a cleaner fire. He said that forest fire belongs to the natural forest area, covering about 9 acres, behind the agricultural lands have also been ignited in the trench, accurate fire in the area of statistics.
At about 7 o'clock in the evening, the fire was put out. It is understood that there are still 50 players left in the field of forest fire prevention to prevent resurgence.