Cleaning a large area of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport flight delays

April 20, 2012: the impact of heavy rainfall in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in recent massive flight delays, passengers stranded for a long time, Terminal cleaning increases the operating pressure is in vain. For ensure general passenger can has a clean, and clean, and comfortable of terminal environment, clouds airport terminal floor cleaning units take has following effective measures timely should: a is appropriate deployment shifts of personnel configuration situation, ensure delays peak has enough personnel input guarantees; II is strengthening tour sweep, timely cleanup passenger for long time Terminal Shi by produced of garbage; three is increased toilet cleaning efforts, ensure toilet clean clean is taste; four is reasonable deployment garbage barrels, and ashtray to crowd intensive of regional, so as not to passenger will waste, and Cigarette butts thrown; five is leaking water where the water barrel to undertake in a timely manner, and placed on warning signs in case passengers slipped to.
It is reported that, in addition to factors of bad weather caused widespread flight delays, at a time when the 2012 spring Canton fair is one reason Baiyun Airport cleaning work pressures.