Cleaning the dirt dog with million cash bag

Dustman at JIU Li di, Southwest Jiaotong University campus, often with a family's pet dog "game Tiger" to go out. Although the incomes of just more than 900 Yuan a month, but when she saw the dog and carry it to the wallet with more than 13,000 yuan, still choose the alarm. "So much money, money certainly is. "She said.
The afternoon of March 23, JIU Li di, Southwest Jiaotong University campus, Li Suzhen of the dog and the cleaner "race Tiger" in its running around with a white purse, she stopped the dog, I found there are more than 13,000 yuan in cash, Lee immediately called the police.
According to a bank card in the wallet, Jiuli dike police Zhang Changhai and Cheng Zhengli turns queries into the owner's identity and contact the owner. Two hours later, back in the owner of hands the money to whoever.

There are million yuan in cash
41, JIU Li di, Li Suzhen is the Southwest Jiaotong University campus of a cleaner, is responsible for cleaning the campus near the North Gate area streets and roads of life. Job's a joke, she often took family dog "game Tiger" to go out.
The afternoon of March 23, and as always, after having lunch, Li Suzhen on "game Tiger", came to the school cafeteria nearby, clean pavement. "It was two or three in the afternoon, I saw ' games Tiger ' holding a package came in the middle of two cars, it put the bag down, biting the little package. "Li Suzhen said, she found it was a white bag, it's got a zip, look like a wallet.
At that time, Li Suzhen friend Feng Dan is also at the scene. "I told Feng Dan went to look, what are dog bites. "Feng Dan used to pick the package up, two common opens the package, the scene before two dumbfounded. "Filled with hundred dollar bills, very thick a bundle, there are banks of seal, it should be taken out from the Bank. In addition, the bag has a bank card. "
For Li Suzhen who earns just over more than 900 Yuan a month, the money is definitely not a small number. Her husband to be a doorman job, only more than 1000 Yuan monthly income, there are 5 children, money, for her, is particularly important. However, after a brief hesitation, she and Feng Dan immediately called the 110 emergency call, "so much money, the owner must be very anxious. "She said.
Civilian police involved in
Find the owner through a bank
After receiving the call, Jiuli dike police Zhang Changhai and Cheng Zhengli rushed to the scene. At pick up locations, two police officers opened the white purse in front of Feng Dan and Li Suzhen, by count, for a total of more than 13,000 yuan in cash and a bank card, there is no clear owner identity documents such as ID cards.
"In the case of owner information is not clear, the only clues, can only be that your bank card. "Zhang Changhai said two civilian police officers to discuss decisions, starting with the first card of the Bank and see if I can find the information about the owner. Two people came to the school at a nearby Bank, however, is let them down, according to the provisions of the Bank, cardholder's personal information cannot be disclosed to the outside. As public security organs for investigation when necessary, must be certified by the related unit.
"Thought the owner lost money worry, we had proof immediately back to the unit. "Zhang Changhai said two people holding units proved, as well as working documents, find the Bank once again. This time, they find the information contained through the Bank.
Get wallet
Cried the owner thanks
Zhang Changhai said, "according to bank information, I gave the owner a call immediately. "At about 6 o'clock in the afternoon, JIU Li di, a 30-something woman who rushed to the police station.
Police confirmed that the woman is white, the owner. Zhang Changhai, "says his lost wallet, the owner was very moved, crying, just say thank you. She said their phone when accidentally dropped a package, the package is more than 10,000 yuan in public funds. "" She wanted to come up with some money to thank us, was turned down, I said, you really would like to thank, thank those who help you pick up the money. "Zhang Changhai said. The woman then took out 500 Yuan, Feng Dan in the police station, refuse, however, Feng Dan accepted the thanks.