Cleaning worker falls to death in the morning leg bone back breaking have ruled out homicide

An hour ago in the company's health, but an hour later were found falling from 6, 46 years old cleaning lady Liang Zhu's death is still making it difficult for their families to understand and accept. March 21, at 9 o'clock, occurs in long ping Qiao Li Cun Yi electronics factory accident, bereaved family on liability and compensation issues at loggerheads with our factories. After the incident, the Changping police involved in the investigation, and to rule out homicide.
Yesterday afternoon, Mr Meng Liang Zhu of the son-in-law of the deceased told reporters before their departure, Qiao Li Changping town, long Yi Zhu Liang last year electronics factory to do the cleaning lady, at 8 o'clock on weekdays to the factory and clean up. The same day, Zhu Liang, as usual, started 8:20, a worker saw her carrying a broom factory dormitories. Behold, 9:30, she was found lying in the dormitory, broke his foot and lumbar bone, underneath a pool of blood and died on the spot.
After the police involved in the investigation, in the dorm, 6/f, building Zhu Liang's fingerprints were found, confirmed that she was falling from 6, initial findings have ruled out homicide, suspected by jumping on its own.
Mr Meng said his mother-in-law Liang Zhu in advance without any exception, family day at work may doubt the deceased "was called the stimulus" will not have this move, and Siu Lek Yuen village consultations yesterday with the factory in the bridge claim, but when they insist to pay 80,000 yuan.