Liuzhou, Guangxi, Sanjiang sanitation trucks rolled into Dong cleaning

"This big guy so smart, and can clean the road, sing! "The afternoon of 13th, Sanjiang Dong autonomous small Tun Lin XI Xiang Guan Dong Cun, Guan in the bustling, several wearing a big red flower big sanitation truck parked on the roadside, attracted a crowd of villagers, village Shi Haiju smiled and praised the function of these big guys feel really fresh. And give them so much is that these big guys will stay in their villages for floor cleaning.
The same day, Sanjiang national held in Xiaotun Village clean project launch ceremony, which also marks the city's rural road cleaning entered the age of mechanization.
"All along, the villages have little sanitation and clean completely by manpower. "Belongs to rural and urban cleaning Office Director Yang Jie told reporters that currently belongs to 15 towns and every town produces waste about 3 tons per day. And 100 villages is a cleaner, because there is no transfer of equipment and trash, village waste collected can only be entered after the summary of daily pool, followed by incineration. "We presented this year, within the next 5 years to clean projects extend to urban and rural towns and villages, mainly dirty to address rural problems. "
According to understand, Sanjiang started village clean engineering, first to guyizhen and Forest Brook Xiang two a township of village for pilot, from, liuzhou city, rose Wo environmental technology limited purchase has 3 car garbage compression transit car, and 1 car sprinkler car, and 1 car street cleaning cleaning car, and 5 car electric garbage cleaning car, and 70 a environmental garbage barrels, will on this two a township Highway along of village Tun for mechanized cleaning cleaning, and each village Tun put fixed environmental garbage barrels, village Tun garbage will daily concentrated transit to County garbage fill buried field for fill buried processing.
The ceremony, rose Wo environmental company head cleaning cleaning the keys handed over to Sanjiang Street sanitation station on behalf of a hand, and mechanized the operation shows how to clean the cleaning jobs for the villagers, were welcomed by the villagers. Yang Linshan Xiaotun is Crown cleaners, since the machinery came to the village, he had been happily laughing: "unexpectedly swept to do the scenery, hear my human hand prepared out of the garbage truck, for an electric Sweeper, are now able to ' niaoqianghuanpao '. ”