Market prospects of industrial cleaning most embodied "gold content"

Cleaning clean industries are working with information, biology, materials industry as a sunrise industry of the country has great development potential, and industrial cleaning is a very important piece, but clean the best way to clean "gold content" area, clean technology is mainly reflected in industrial cleaning.
According to precision requirements of cleaning different consists of general industrial cleaning, industrial cleaning and high precision industrial cleaning three categories. General industrial cleaning including vehicles, ships, aircraft and surface cleaning; precision industrial cleaning including cleaning in the production process, material and equipment of the cleaning of the surface; high precision cleaning including precision industries in the production process of mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components, such as the high precision cleaning.
According to cleaning method of different, also can is divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning: using mechanical, and acoustic, and optical, and electrical, and thermal of principle, relies on foreign energy of role, as mechanical friction, and ultrasonic, and negative pressure, and high pressure, and impact, and UV, and steam, removal objects surface dirt of method called physical cleaning; relies on chemical reactions of role, using chemical drug or other solvent clear objects surface dirt of method called chemical cleaning, as with various inorganic or organic acid removal objects surface of rust track, and scale, With antioxidants remove surface stains, fungicides, disinfectants, germicidal and removes mildew. Chemical cleaning and physical cleaning there are advantages and disadvantages of each, but also has very good complementary, in the course of practical application, is usually use a combination of both to get better cleaning results.
According to the different cleaning media, and can be divided into dry and wet cleaning cleaning: General cleaning in the liquid medium is called wet cleaning, cleaning in the gas medium known as dry cleaning. Most of the traditional cleaning methods for wet cleaning and dry cleaning or cleaners of people easier to understand. But in recent years, the rapid development of the dry cleaning, laser cleaning, cleaning dry ice cleaning, plasma cleaning, UV, high precision and advanced industrial technologies are developing fast.