New prospect of household cleaning equipment cleaning industry source

Appliances in equipment, more functions of "new clean modes" of household cleaning equipment will likely usher in market development, but it also requires consumers to change the traditional concept of consumption.
"New clean modes" household cleaning equipment differences from traditional household cleaning equipment is different in concept, "tradition of cleaning equipment, emphasizing clean, is dust. And the ' new clean modes ' household cleaning equipment emphasize health, is the extension of the healthy human life span. "Mahone told reporters that the current promotion" new clean modes "household cleaning equipment, consumer update consumer attitudes, from traditional" clean clean "changes to" cleaning equipment to make families healthier ".
"Just to dust for the purpose of cleaning, do not necessarily ensure that the environment meets health requirements. "Mahone said, as with a rag and wipe tables and chairs really look clean, but in fact the damp cloth itself is easy to breed a large number of bacteria, dirt, and used it to wipe, health effects, and will not be so good. There is also an example of carpet cleaning. Carpets are not only easily hide dirt and breed the mite, chipped and have a great potential threat to family health, especially kids also like to sit on the carpet or climb on the carpet, more vulnerable. Carpet knitting ingredients, the traditional vacuum cleaner can only suck out the dust on the surface of the carpet, which means that only play the role of dust and scale at the bottom of the powerless for knitted fabrics. New cleaning equipment carpet cleaning when, before stroking straight knitting, bottom ash fouling out, then also spray the carpet out of the liquid, remove bacteria and make it not have mites in a certain time. There is kitchen equipment, kitchen has always been easy to breed cockroaches and even rats, the traditional approach is to use a variety of cockroach-killing drugs, but often the kitchen variety of food if food was accidentally filled with insecticidal drug, even with low toxicity, also be bad for your health. And a new type of household cleaning equipment high temperature steam can be used to kill cockroaches in the kitchen, and even eggs in the Cabinet slot.
Due to the new household cleaning equipment for the purpose of health prices more expensive than traditional household cleaning equipment currently on the market rather than low price cleaning equipment popular. But as consumer wants to gradually improve the quality of life, the demand for this new type of household cleaning equipment will also increase, so has a broad market prospect. As Mahone said: "we will pay good money to buy medicine for treatment when they are sick, why not when you are not ill pay extra money for a healthier family life environment, reduced risk of disease? ”