Orbital red septuagenarian father took off when cleaning services

Old unable to purchase workers ' compensation insurance, community but dismissed "Dad"
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Set in the bridge community cleaning lady Lu Minghua is sweeping, suddenly received a phone call, he had some unbelievable--telephone call stating he was fired.
Meanwhile, the people who call, set the bridge communities Secretary of party general branch in Tang Yong, is in the hospital. He refused to explain, said, this is a last resort.
Liuyang, April 20 (Xinhua Zhang ling)
Communities cleaning lady aged 78
Tang Yong was one hospital to visit patients, cleaning staff work in the communities when he accidentally had a car accident, but fortunately not serious, which makes him sigh. For anyone wondering: "the cleaning lady is 60 years old, why not enjoy it? "This sentence, let his heart and hangs up.
Tang Yong was associate to the community another cleaner, more his age--78 years old now. What if ... ... He daren't think.
Half an hour later, Lu Minghua came to the Community Office. He walked in a hurry: "Secretary, did I do good enough? "
Tang Yong told her: "Daddy, this few months, everyone can see that you are the best. But you are older would not be appropriate if there was a case, I do to you? "
"To Daddy" weeping
Speaking of Lu Minghua, readers may still be impressed. Interactive "junior new year" activities, "neighborhood new year" at the golden horses building community found a stick cleaner, he is Lu Minghua.
Lu Minghua 5:30 will get up every day, working from 6:00 to 11:30 in the morning; after a brief meal, he will once again work to 16:30. His task is to Tai Tong Road, my road, Kim Ma road buildings, dirt road, the 18 cleaning cleaning of alleys and community.
Jin Manan hospital resident Chen Xianghua, 68, said: "he is responsible for. If not completed in this rain, will pull the sweep with his wife. "About 62 years old Lily raised his thumb:" he's the most ' willing '! "Residents say:" ' old man ' too was tired of eating, should give him a raise! "
But for older, working or not. Lu Minghua put the coat to the cleaner when Tang Yong, eyes red.
Cannot be insured older didn't guarantee
"Is a 60-year-olds can't buy workers ' compensation insurance. Communities in hired him, but give him a guarantee. "Tang Yong, said to dismiss him can't stand it, because Lu Minghua urgently needs a job.
Lu Minghua has only one son has been ill in recent years. Every day thousands of Yuan in medical expenses, monthly mortgage collection of statuary, there are all kinds of expenditure, let Lu Minghua have to run again, to ease the economic burden on their families.
People Club Board Director Zhou Fengcheng of industrial injury insurance said State regulations, women over the age of 55, men over the age of 60 cannot apply for work-related injury insurance; comprehensive fuwenchuang, Director of administrative legal system that, according to existing law, for the work-related injury insurance period has not yet been changed. With the coming of aging society, again applied for are more up for the elderly, if employers need to hire them, and recommends the purchase of commercial insurance such as accident insurance, in order to reduce employment risk.
"Warehouse management or janitor I can do. If you can't find a job, I had to pick up the waste products sold. "Lu Minghua bowed his head, wiped her eyes again.