Sanitation workers pick up the fallen man was like "Zhoushan best cleaners"

On March 24, a SINA weibo attracted the attention of many netizens in Zhoushan. Netizen "IV region of China Zhoushan Islands" in Twitter, said: "the day of Huan Cheng West Road, Dinghai, one man riding electric vehicles were blown down to the ground by a tricycle, she couldn't move. Tricycle workers fled and a passer-by no one stepped forward to help. Are cleaning sanitation worker Wu Dajie near upon seeing this, throw away the broom and asked the old man's injury, it would only make people come forward for help. "This" sister Wu "by netizens as" Zhoushan best cleaners ".
What goes? Yesterday afternoon, Ding Hai Huan Cheng West Road, found the reporters are cleaning the roads "sister Wu." "Wu sister" named Wu Miaofeng, Taizhou people in xianju, 47, her thin, dark, sanitation workers in Zhoushan has been doing for 3 years.
8:30 A.M. March 24, Wu Miaofeng huancheng West Road is near 120th, sweep the floor, glancing up, 7 metres outside the middle of the road and an old man lying motionless, beside an electric car. "I saw a tricycle through, but the old man is knocked down by the tricycle, I didn't see it clearly. "Wu Miaofeng told reporters.
Roadsides have been around for more than 10 people, "not to go. If there is anything that you knocked......, "said someone in the crowd. Wu Miaofeng listened, was also very afraid. At this time, near a health swap shop owner Yu Guifei whilst being the police, walked out: "you die no, we go pick him up. "So Wu Miaofeng went along with Yu Guifei.
Old man's head fell to the big bag, had been unconscious. After about 5 minutes he woke up, breathing difficulty, can be frozen. Wu Miaofeng and Yu Guifei dress pad beneath him and he rubbed his chest, Pat on the back. Old man recovered slightly after God, two people and another with a passer-by helped him to the curb. On the edge of a KE long supermarket employees moved out of the Chair and let the old man sitting and resting.
"We want to send him to the hospital, he said the rest would be nice. Then he sat for a while and go away. "Wu Miaofeng said.
Friends learned that he hailed as "the best cleaners in Zhoushan" Wu Miaofeng shyly smiled, "there is nothing to publicity. See older people fell, to hold the is should be. "While Yu Guifei, 44, also told reporters:" people are afraid of being falsely, not to help, but I was thinking not just to lift him up. Otherwise, he was lying in the middle of the road, in case of being hit by a car, what will happen? Old man like his father, respect and care for elders is our duty.