Shanghai construction rope breaking wall cleaners fell suddenly dead

April 17, 2012, at 11 o'clock, Huangpu district, Changsha road, wheel Ridge Road intersection in a hotel podium tragedy, a cleaner who was only 26 years old in the job, he accidentally killed falling from a height.
Supervising public security rushed to the scene handling investigations, pull up a cordon. Tragic location of Changsha road wheel Marriott Hotel at the corner of Ridge Road on the edge of the podium, two broken rope hanging in about 3-floor buildings, safety supervision departments were on the scene investigating. The time of the incident, the worker is about 3 floors of glass outer wall to do cleaning work, rope fracture and head straight down to the first floor of a concrete floor, head down, the worker immediately bleed. 120 and he was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, but Hospital worker had no vital signs, this reporter learned the deceased He Chao, born in Shaanxi Province, at the age of 26. At present, the safety supervision Department is still investigating the rope fracture cause.