The touching story behind the sanitation workers: "GUI m represents our heart"

Jiang Guimin, a very ordinary environmental sanitation worker, picked up $ 110,000 in cash "back" by media reports, became the eyes of the public "the best sanitation workers" also won the bridge "target of moral character" and "China's good guy list" honors.
Concerns about Jiang Guimin, raised concerns about sanitation workers in this group. Recently, a reporter made a special trip to the sanitation service, hears their stories, experience the grass-roots groups practiced by the simplicity of the idea.
Do not take other people's money greatly
Said Jiang Guimin greatly at the end of last year, Huang Mirong, Director of the sanitation Department and some "remorse": "did not expect social response is so good, I didn't pay attention to, because we often have greatly. "
Indeed, the long bow on the road for the sanitation workers, relatively high odds of picking up money. Interview with reporter also has a "handy" feeling: before the Spring Festival in 2012, responsible for sanitation workers in the southern part of Ginza Street Cheng Shi, picked up a jar full of credit cards, bank books and identity cards, bags, immediately notify the section of long sections through information on the ID card, and finally found a village where the owner to return the bag to its owner.
Not long thereafter, in the first month of this year, three friends around an Anhui health sanitation workers picked up a wallet, shopping cards and hundreds of thousands of more than 10,000 yuan in deposit book, sanitation staff and began receiving the report to find the owner of the information, while sanitation workers wait. When the two couples just back from Changsha to see recovered wallet, too excited to specialty gift in return to Changsha, but sanitation workers by this decline.
It is understood that the sanitation Department only two years in 2010 and 2011, reporting stories have greatly more than more than 50, pick up books or pick up cash, without exception, the initiative to look for the loser, and returned to its owner without selfishness. Asked about the idea, and several sanitation workers have said, "said Jiang Guimin, can not take other people's money, it is also our way of thinking. "
Loving their job
Walking in the streets, reporters directly about the dedication of sanitation workers feel. Compared with previous years, the cleanliness of the city has increased significantly.
As leader of the sanitation workers, Huang Mirong seriously been everyone's agreed. Many sanitation workers are accustomed to such a scenario, at five or six o'clock in the morning every day, Huang Mirong appeared on the streets, often around here, there, and from time to time record on the small issues found. Huang Mirong said: "do sanitation work, my weapon is to go for a walk to the road. "
Huang Mirong small book, the reporter saw recorded a lot of little things. Consecutive phases before it rains, he found motorised sweepers always walking around puddles. He found the puddle is mud settling place, puddles of water off to pavement clean and test if that is the case. Since then, he requires the machine to sweep vehicles cannot avoid puddles, so as to effectively enhance the cleanliness of the pavement.
Under the leadership of Huang Mirong, do their job in the sanitation workers in the order of the day. Dedicated hotline to report issues of sanitation worker Liu Congchao, often has not been notified of cases, active will find construction waste removal; shell tank cleaning company a day before the arrival of King responsible for the Ginza Street road sweep through the fields by hand, shell tank bottoms out clean.
Emergency sanitation workers are used to test me. In the "12·26" in the fire, clearing the transport section chief Huang yongqiu received water supply tasks, he is duty-bound to rush to the rescue. In order to supply fire, Leng his bare feet soaking in cold water, despite the biting cold, and they stick together till the next morning.

And Jiang Guimin different, more sanitation workers in clean quiet contribution of the city.
On April 1, the reporter met with Anhui Fan Chaohua sanitation workers, is now a section of long he had worked 14 years in sanitation work. "As a sanitation worker representatives, I have attended 4 meetings in the city. "In proud Fan Chaohua also seem to be some guilt, he felt he owed a lot to his family. Just two days ago, his brother due to sudden illness needs to operate on sea, review of the road bridge, but happened to usher in a civilized city. Finally, he decided to choose stick to cleaning jobs, that brother once he is rather large. Speak of this matter, Fan Chaohua has no regrets: "after all, not because of his personal, this event affects the urban cleaning. "
In the sanitation Department, supervisors and Guan Xiaoqin Wang Yueqing becomes in the eyes of "Lei". On one occasion, exhibition road pickup truck overturned and spilled near the paint more than 50 square meters, Guan Xiaoqin Wang Yueqing and happens to pass through, without lunch, took shovels began work after nearly 3 hours of effort, the road finally clean again, then they confidently went for lunch.
In North, and several sanitation workers also say that Guan Xiaoqin Wang Yueqing and good deed: the first stage due to continuous rain, to transfer a small section of road surface becomes pitted. Garbage trucks in and out of inconvenience seen sanitation workers, they do not know from where I brought two bags of cement, a sanitation workers repaired roads. Guan Xiaoqin said: "rough road, junk car away not only colleagues but also easily fall junk, affect the image of the city. ”