We help seriously ill of cleaners in a foreign land feel deep affection

Ningbo, China these days, Yang in second home in Ningbo, Anhui to cleaner small felt deep love. In order to help the gravely ill, he Yong and community residents in just two days, raised more than 40,000 yuan for his love. Yesterday, jiangdong district experimental primary school teachers held a love for him sale and raising of love nearly million.
Xiao yang from Fuyang, Anhui Province, was Yong and Yuan Xiao an ordinary cleaners, also responsible for the cleaning work of the experimental primary school of jiangdong. Small young couple both are cleaners, there is also a primary school child. Family rental shed. But Yang was a warm-hearted man, weekday who moved the family stuff, cleaning a garbage or something, he always noises, when called to. He did cleaning work in the East experiment primary school has for many years, regardless of the fine rain, teachers and students can always see him sweeping back. But last month, Xiao Yang for a long time did not come to work. Community week aunt ask about the industry Committee, and they knew that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Aunt told the news the week community, property and community enthusiasts in Wang's aunt.
That night, aunt Wang and Chiang Ching-kuo, Director of the door of the property management Department visit the Xiao yang, on the first love. Xiao Yang Yi hospital medical expenses you need to pay 80,000 yuan, young couples, however only more than 1000 Yuan monthly wage per person, two people who worked hard for many years, save 40,000 yuan, after learning of the situation, it was decided in the district where he launched a compassion donation activity to raise medical costs.
Xiao Yang has always been hard working and kind, when residents learned that after his illness, have joined the ranks of love. A child to set aside 50 Yuan of money itself, wish Uncle Yang recovers; a came to visit her daughter's mother heard that after Yang thing, did not hesitate and took 1000 Yuan. Only a couple of days, community residents have donated more than 40,000 yuan Yong and Yuan, and Xiao Yang's pressing problems.
Yesterday afternoon, jiangdong district experimental primary school in the school launched a Charity Bazaar, over more than 2000 students and teachers in the school were involved. Children have to idle at home all kinds of books, stationery, toys to school Charity Bazaar. Playground swing more than 10 stalls, older brother and sister along with new brothers and sisters to buy books, stationery, the scene is very exciting. A boy in my class of grade six, told reporters: "every school gym cleaning Uncle Xiao yang, last for a long time did not come. Listen to the teacher, he had a brain tumor, is in Beijing for medical treatment. The class listened to pretty, hope to help him, make a small force on. "
It is understood that currently accompanied by Xiao Yang has been in the family rooms at the Beijing Ditan Hospital to be operated on.

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