Yongcheng, "five-pronged" preservation of rural and urban cleaning

In future, in the streets of Nanning "staged" to throw out the window the Peel, cigarette butts and other uncivilized behavior, "accidentally" urban management video or photo evidence will be, and heavy punishment and exposure to the community. On April 14, Xinhua learned from the Office of rural and urban cleaning project in Nanning city, for the in-depth implementation of the rural and urban cleaning project, freshly baked, Nanning city, "five steps" to ensure that urban and rural clean normalized implementation management.
Measure and improve city appearance and environmental sanitation "menqiansanbao". Requirements within the area of responsibility of no cigarette butts, paper scraps, phlegm, no waste, garbage, water, no stickers, graffiti, sidewalks, public facilities within the area of responsibility of keeping clean, and to put garbage on time in the specified. At present, the city, development zone in the area along the street up units, tenants regulation violation behaviors.
Measure b, highhanded hit "dump truck" illegal behavior. Urban management, public safety, transportation, construction and other sectors of joint law enforcement, the breach of laws and regulations on the management of City Road, Nanning city, pollution, the "dump truck" and upper limits on construction sites will be subject to heavy penalties.
Measures, continue to clean up illegal road was littered with hawking. The city urban area within the downtown, around the school, around the farmers ' market and other road management "spots" implementation of fixed, and title management, important areas monitored by 10 o'clock every day, Chaoyang business district surrounding individual sections will be monitored by 12 o'clock.
Measures, sanitation cleaning operation and scientific management.
Five measures, management to throw garbage outside the car. Rural and urban appearance and environmental sanitation regulations, Nanning, according to the article 27th (c) provides that: Songkran, throwing out wastes from a vehicle, will be fined 50 Yuan and 200 Yuan.