Zhejiang Pan an drafting of urban road sweeping cleaning municipal local standards consultation

Recently, prepared by the Zhejiang Pan an environmental management standard specification, Jinhua city, where the towns of road sweeping and cleaning requirements, Road sweeping cleaning examination and after early continue to revise and improve the evaluation completed draft, is now beginning to solicit views of the community, and recently collated the views received, audited was promulgated and implemented.
Town Road cleaning cleaning job requirements, and town road cleaning cleaning assessment and evaluation city level place standard, will through established quantitative assessment mechanism, and performance linked of rewards and punishments incentive mechanism, measures, to specification job personnel of job behavior, solution different sections, and different time points Shang job quality not balanced and job personnel work enthusiasm not high industry problem, to effective to upgrade job team work potential and job quality, for town road cleaning cleaning provides a evaluation according to, Will further enhance the level of approach to urban road sweeping and cleaning, to enhance the level of the urban environment as a whole.