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Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Carpet colors give people the sense of beauty because of noise, pollution of modern office, hotel, Club, common things. However, for a long time, many people will, of course, dirt adhesion, stain penetration, carpet lost its beauty. Even more important is the growth of bacteria and endangering people's physical and mental health, carpet cleaning is very important.   Cleaning mode: two kinds of laundry or dry cleaning, washing described here:
  First,   common tools and materials: machine water cleaning machines, vacuum machines, drying machines cleaning materials: high soaks the rug cleansing agent, scouring powder, 84 liquid disinfectant.
  Second, carpet washing program:
  1, the use of comprehensive dust vacuuming water machine.
  2, use scouring powder on the stain more prominent parts of the local decontamination.
  3, with a fully functional washing machine with high soaks the rug cleansing agent for thorough cleansing.
  4, water cleaner machine fully absorb water.
  5, rinse with clear water.
  6, the use of 84 disinfectant to disinfect
  7, the use of vacuum cleaner water to the sewage.
  8, use a blow dryer to dry the carpet.
  9, finishing tools.
  Three cleaning Note:
  A, using machines not wipe in one place too long, can damage the carpet and fibrous tissue surfaces.
  B, water to full suction, carpet is almost dry rot slowly.
  C, always disinfect the carpet to kill germs.

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