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Crystal face processing

Crystal face processing

The marble most ideal curing method---Crystal face processing. It does not change the structure of stone, so it does not change the original stone texture. After passing through the Crystal face processing, stone surface molecules more dense, shiny brightness increase, makes the stone more beautiful, more elegant.
  Principle of Crystal face processing is the use of Crystal surface treatment agent (Crystal hardening powder) coupled with increasing face of stone surface friction, under the dual role of chemistry and physics, harder and denser surface to form hard crystalline layer of ceramic and stone surfaces to be easily damaged, do not stick dye stains so as to ensure that the essential characteristics of the stone.
  Marble Crystal face processing process:
  1, Crystal hardening powder poured on the ground, together with clear water. Crystal processor equipped with scouring pad hard grinding paste evenly on the stone surfaces, brushes should be horizontal polishing machine, back and forth about 12---16 or so.
  2, natural fiber mat on the ground-and spray a small amount of "NCL-2501 or the K2" re-polished, final touches. This can increase the surface hardness and gloss marble ceramic. Pass through the marble Crystal face processing smooth surface such as a new gloss can reach 80 degrees.
  1, surface treated with water for rinsing Crystal machine, Crystal face processing of JI was acidity, over time will corrode the machine.
  2, Crystal face processing to achieve better results need to be polished. This will greatly enhance the gloss.
  3, regular daily dust keeping the surface clean.

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