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Exterior wall renovation

Exterior wall renovation

1, exterior wall tile with disadvantages:
With continuous updates of construction materials, more and more of the exterior brick wall to paint, the company has a professional construction team and construction technology for exterior wall, you can save a lot of costs.
2, construction of outer wall construction coating:
Bottom of exterior house painting requires adequate curing period, new water mortar curing time of concrete surfaces must be reasonable, with its "base", and fully dry. Bottom surface should be dry, solid, firm, and should not, loose sand, cracks and other defects.
3, the construction method:
PuTTY for exterior wall coating should not be large scratch, PuTTY should not be too thick, materials using polymer-cement PuTTY. Generally use a primer, two times coating construction. According to project quality requirements can be appropriately increased coating times. Painting from top to bottom, each brushing should be split again, wall, corner junction, or yin and Yang downspouts for territories.
4,. renovation:
Use Paint to decorative the building surface, the biggest advantage is that within a certain time to renovate, 4-5 and comprehensive maintenance of buildings. Renovation of exterior wall construction thoroughly before a comprehensive survey, and formulate the plan.
After the completion of the finishing works, long-term quality tracking, visit the customer and provide maintenance painting programme.
Construction of high-rise wall waterproofing of trapping the company strength Spider-man, all types of waterproof repair works of professional and technical personnel to the scene to conduct investigation, splitting, and construction plans. Set on high-rise wall leak without scaffolding, saving auxiliary expenses.

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