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Hospital cleaning

Hospital cleaning

When you need to enter the contaminated area, and wear good clothing, hats, gloves, masks, and so on, when cleaning, cleaning tools and cleaning water should be classified, shall not be mixed with, to prevent cross-contamination, clean carefully the correct practices in the operations, clean finished with disinfectant for effective sterilization.

Must wear sterile clothing, masks, hats, water shoes, work must be very careful and, after we finished our clean things back in situ, have contaminated something timely processing. Entering the sterile area to get medical consent before cleaning work.
Should be thoroughly clean all dirt and stains when cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process. There are special cleaning tools.

Trash person in charge, waste more than half should be emptied in time, placing garbage bag check for break, replace the trash bag should be cleaned after garbage avoidance both inside and outside, maintain, clean and dry.
5, bathroom
Bathroom floor, the toilet every day must be thoroughly washed to remove all stains, for effective sterilization, cleaning in time. Keep the bathroom air odor-free, clean bathroom tool materials should be private, clean, and cleaning tool should be cleaned.

Entering the Office of the hospital, you should knock at the door and ask permission before entering, and said, "excuse me, may I come in to do cleaning? "After the approval, operation, operations should avoid a lot of noise, operation, you should ask whether there are other areas in need of cleaning.

Enter the wards, should knock on the door, the consent of the patients before they can carry out the cleaning operations, operation, you should ask patients do well, with anything, a patient is not satisfied with the required cleaning operations. Avoid cleaning in patients to rest and meal. Cleaning operations should be careful not collision or object such as appliances or drugs for the treatment of pollution.
When should obtain consent before they can move, and after cleaning put things back in place. No browses the table information, records, look playing with utensils and medicines.
Jobs, Office area, ward may not make much noise, conversation must be conducted quietly, not to interfere with health care staff and the patients rest.
Cleaning instructions
Daily work employee arranged in good order, each work is a timetable ease of management assessment check. Security protection: implement cleaning security is the maintenance of employee safety, in conditions of security for staff to go to work happily, they feel, ease of work and work safely. Disinfection and isolation requirements: is the basic system of hospital disinfection and isolation, is the Foundation for health care quality, is the work an important part of health care management, specification as required cleaning work to avoid cross infection, an important measure for prevention, is the guarantee of quality of care. Quality: quality is the life of cleaning work, meet quality standards is the purpose of cleaning work, such as outpatient bathroom people, management is difficult, require quality standards to be announced on the wall, out cleaning staff and department names, allowing users to monitor and enhance the employee's responsibility.
Performance appraisal:
"Steps, processes, disinfection and isolation standards" as the gold standard, pass the examination, assessing quality, and bonuses, the implementation of management by objectives, promoting the quality of work and improve

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