Knowledge of cleaning
Fruit contamination of natural stone processing
Juice of the pollution is the most common stone in everyday home life of pollution, and the other is oil class.
Fruit stains not only colors a lot, and fruit juices contain pigments, if not clear for a long time, can also cause yellowing of the stone surface. And many fruits are acidic, such as orange, lemon, carambola, oranges, grapes, apples, stone fruit contaminant is not just pollution of surface, and it will corrode the surface of stone, even through the pores of the stone into stone corrosive, particularly for limestone and marble, causes the stone material surface finish.
Stone materials contaminated by juices, so it should be immediately clear if staining or yellowing caused neutral detergent can be used. If serious and won't wash off, you can use color remover to clean up.
If the surface of stone has been eroded, tarnishes, you can again use polishing powder polishing if damage should hire a professional stone conservation staff to finish.
Oil pollution oil pollution of natural stone processing
Grease grease is also prone to pollutants in stone in our daily lives. It is divided into two cases, one is caused by smoke, caused by a liquid oil. If it is caused by the range hood grease grease is the best cleaning, use neutral detergents can clean of oil. If it is a liquid oil by dumping, should wipe clean, neutral oil and special cleaning agent. If you already permeating stone material adsorbed by stone, if is a normal part of the oil can use high alkaline or alkaline or neutral cleaning agent containing surfactant-formulated to clean. Remember use the detergent to soak for about 10 minutes or so, and then with a stiff brush, repeated many times are better effect can be achieved.
Natural stone ink pollution treatment
Now, ball-point pen, ink and packing, fountain pen handwriting pollution is also very common. Ink pollution is actually a hassle, they're easy to penetrate into the stone inside (relatively large spaces like granite and marble will crack), and into the longer the harder to clean it off. But when the stone surface is contaminated with ink, you should immediately erase it, and immediately proceed to the cleaning. This suggestion is to use color remover to clean up.
Usually, you have to except the agent with the corresponding 3:1 proportion of the dressing mix and stir to form a paste.
After mixing the batter evenly over the stain, best and then cover with plastic wrap to prevent moisture evaporation.
Regularly check whether the stain fading, cover depending on time according to the degree of stubborn stains, ranging from several hours to more than 10 hours.
If the stains have been removed you can shovel to remove color, and clean water.
Stone dry protection this will get it is best to fix it.
Natural stone dairy pollution treatment
Dairy products (such as milk, cream, butter) contain animal fat, this type of pollution can not only cause over a long period of yellow stone surfaces, and it also stinks of corruption. So this type of pollution is also should be erased immediately, if you have already caused the yellow stone, you can use a neutral detergent to clean the stone surface, use decolourant cleanup (as with the pollution of the ink class cleanup method)
Natural stone oily cosmetics pollution treatment
Because of the popularity of cosmetic, there have been many cosmetic contaminated, particularly oily makeup category (such as lipstick, Nail Polish, and so on), the composition of such pollutants as oils, dyes and wax, stone is very difficult if the contamination to clean. If your home's decorative stone surface appears in the lipstick, Nail Polish and other pollutants, you can go with a sharp blade stone surface contaminants, then with acetone types of detergent to wipe clean the surface of stone.
Glue contamination of natural stone processing
Some glue classes usually polluted if the glue is water, can be cleaned with a conventional liquid. If it is some epoxy glue stone, AB glue, instant glue and other pollution because of hardening, you can shave with a sharp blade, remaining portions can wax removing agent to clear.