Knowledge of cleaning
Application environment is our living environment of stone, stone used in the process will inevitably be affected by our daily work and lives in some of the pollution. Such as, fruit juices, Cola, color stains, grease, dirt, dust, and so on. These common pollution if not cleared in time, time will leave a stone more difficult to remove stains, some still may damage the surface gloss. Therefore, these stone applications are regularly cleaning or cleaning is necessary, special occasions and even assign individuals frequently every day the stone is cleaned or cleaned.
Daily cleaning and care of the stone should be guided by the following principles and methods: If the ground or on the wall there is a dry absorbent for liquid waste of time better paper and cotton cloth to clean the suction. If the water is dirt, then wipe over with a cloth dipped in water, if it is oily dirt, clean it as soon as possible with absorbent paper and cotton. If these contaminants in permeable after wiping stains, then depending on the dirt, nature or components using the appropriate cleaning agent.
Daily cleaning daily cleaning of the stone, especially stone ground, no need to scrub every day, unless there are special circumstances and occasions.
As daily cleaning of the stone floor or cleaning, dust, MOP and towels are all necessary tools and materials. But using these tools and materials, try not to take water and higher humidity. Because on the one hand stone excessive water prone to some diseases; the other hand just grazed the ground more slippery with water, after pedestrians easier to leave footprints in addition, looks clean water over the ground, when the water dries dust left on the surface of the stone, which is why some ground after a water wipe always felt the main causes of grey. Therefore, daily cleaning of the stone ground, pushed to wipe with. Push, push, or push the cotton head tide, or spraying cleaning fluid on a cotton yarn so that dust and sand on the ground can be cleared in a timely manner. Wipe, wipe in a timely manner is to use a MOP or towel on the ground water and liquid waste. For pedestrians leaving footprints on the ground and from dust, using dust wipe can push.
Stone ground daily use when cleaning equipment and materials. Support shank type absorbing water machine and wiping machine is also very important. Wiping machine can greatly increase the efficiency and cleaning effect, absorbing water machine to clean sewage cleaned on the ground. If necessary, you can add some detergent to the water to improve the quality of cleaning. But note that is, strong acid strong base of stone corrosive, diluted or stone can be used to clean the stain. On the market today can also see that some people still use some strong acid or strong alkaline after dilution with water as a cleaning fluid, which also contributed to the premature loss of gloss and some stone the main causes of disease, but it also would have a greater environmental pollution.