Knowledge of cleaning
Humidifier is indispensable to the northern winter home appliances, but because of the night more special parts, cleaning will be less convenient, here is a look at how to clean the humidifier.
First of all, pure humidifier cleaning is simple, only need regular replacement of filters and the evaporator can be, operations in one step. Ultrasonic humidifier this humidifier note water tank cleaning, do not change the water more than a week.
Secondly, tank cleaning, if the intake design, you can hand in cleaning, in support of the clean with a soft cloth agents or manufacturers of specialized distribution of detergents to clean, clean finished, hand-blocked inlet, gently shake a few times, everywhere you can.
If soiling the fuselage, as clean with a soft cloth, do not place the machine in water or wash with water, do not use kerosene or alcohol solution, so as not to damage the parts.
Whether clean water tank wipe humidifier is internal or external, is important to note that scrape wash do not use steel wool or other hard objects.