Knowledge of cleaning
When paint or paint drips on the granite, in addition to the adhesive on the surface, also penetrated into the stone surface. Cleaning before using a thin blade to split stone above the surface of the thin layer of pollution and then start cleaning cleaning agent of choice. Choice of cleaning agent, if you have the same or similar cleaning experience, then you can based on your experience directly to select and use the appropriate cleaning agent. Otherwise, you're going to try to make the appropriate selection and trial, but avoid abuse and use.
In General, most organic pigments in paint and is sensitive to solvent cleaning agents, but try to choose some long volatile or solvents cleaning agents can be dissolved in water. Use depending on the situation or wiping or soaking. Paint or paint on the wall is cleared, because liquid cleaning agent on the fa├žade is easy flowing and is by way of application for removal, or using a paste cleaner. But regardless of the kind of cleaning agent or method used, it is best to try a small area beforehand, in the identification of effect and dosage is used to a large extent.