Knowledge of cleaning
New families are now installed in the kitchen the whole kitchen cabinets, kitchen looks clean, but a Cook, just a greasy, is there any way you can clear?
After you finish with your dish, if it is iron, full meal can be used clean cleaning cloth. If pot sticky things, then wash the meals in the Pan, or bubble or boil a few minutes later it is easy to handle. Need to tip is after you wash the wok must be wiped clean to prevent rust. External grease, use scouring rinse and wipe dipped in meal.
Cook, inevitably spilled oil on the stove, in processing can be washed with mild meal texture spray to the stove, and then scrub with a damp cloth. Near the mouth of the furnace stove attachment can take it
Separate cleaning.
On the hearth "stubborn" oil, hot water mixed with detergent first, dipped coated in grease with a clean cloth and clean again after a few minutes, it will be easier.
Cabinet material used is better, so when cleaning, apply a soft wet rag and wipe, scrubbed lightly dipped in a small amount of detergent if necessary. Avoid scratching the surface. After you cleaned the inside, be sure to wait for cabinets thoroughly dry, and then into to prevent bacteria and mildew.
Oil on the wall using the following method: spray some all-purpose cleaner on the wall in the kitchen, fitted with kitchen paper. About 15 minutes later, tissue paper torn off, then wipe. Magnetic
Bricks and other places with difficult to clean, and can use an old toothbrush to scrub.
Cleaning with vinegar or plant ash
More oil, pour a little vinegar in the MOP, you can remove the grease stain on the ground. Cement floor clean oil is difficult to remove, if the night before to get some dry wood ashes, tune into a paste with water, then spread evenly on the ground, and repeated washing with water, cement floor can be renewed. Burnt honeycomb briquette coal dust, mixed with detergent to wash the surface, easy to remove grease.
Cleaning gas range with rice water
Gas stove: gas cooker is easy to coat with oil. With soda water, easy to wash paint washing and washing with water is not clean. Might as well coated with sticky rice on the stove, and after drying, rice soup crusted, oil will be glued together, so that only with a light blowing of iron, oil will be removed along with the rice crusted. In addition, the direct cleaning uses a thin rice soup, noodle soup, or scrubbing with fish bones, the effect is not bad.
Clean the glass with
Oil on the glass clean with newspaper, cloth hard, alkaline scouring powder to clean and then coated with sodium hydroxide or dilute ammonia solution on the glass, then wipe clean with a cloth in half an hour, the glass becomes smooth and bright.
Cleaning window screens with detergent
Kitchen window screen is difficult to clean up after oil greasy. One way is to use a broom to sweep the surface of dust, then 15 grams of detergent 500 ml with water, mix both sides with a rag, remove grease. Second, in the detergent solution in a small quantity of milk, wash out the screen door and as good as new.