Knowledge of cleaning
Bamboo and rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of water, but if the excess adsorption of moisture, becomes soft, loose structure, plane down. So when moisture bamboo and rattan furniture, be careful not to let its braided shape shape after drying, would reduce to its original size.
Clean rattan furniture is not in trouble, take can also be cultivated. Feather soft brushes that are available in the mesh brush away the dust from the inside out. If the stain is too heavy, use detergent to wipe, vegetable oil, SOAP and cleaning rattan furniture is the best cleaning agent. Last dry-erase it again. If a white Wicker Chair, and finally be greased with a little vinegar, made with neutralized detergent to prevent discoloration. Cane dipped in baking soda and brush with a brush, or you can remove obstinately is filthy.
Bamboo and rattan furniture and long time scales, the best salt scrub, not only can the decontamination, would allow the rattan soft rich elasticity.
Rattan furniture next to the bogey on the heating, the adhesion sites may vary depending on the heat dry, avoid direct sunlight to prevent CANY makings faded, dry. Use the tools at hand, such as wicker and a toothbrush, or paint brush, bristle paint brush to cut half a small brush, which is like a nail brush, such as a pencil-thick pins, can be present in Sharpener sharpening, use them to screen out the dirt in the rattan furniture.