Knowledge of cleaning
Leather sofa cleaning method: leather sofa has a slight stain, you can use the "furniture maintenance wax" direct care. Leather sofa cleaning method II: leather sofa seriously polluted, not only lose their luster, and dirt into true skin pores. You want to clean the dirt, special steam engine and special needs cleaning sofa cleaning agent. When using the steam cleans the sofa the sofa, do a test first in an inconspicuous place, is fading in the cortex, such as fade in other ways. Leather sofa cleaning method: after cleaning, should give the sofa a protective fluid to prevent dirt to penetrate the cortical pores again causing secondary pollution. Protective leather sofa special liquid for liquid best soft wax, or cortical hardens rapidly aging.
Leather sofa cleaning caution: do not use water to clean leather sofas, long time will cause leather to become hard, soft feel lost; do not use detergent to clean sofas, one is making skin color; the second is to harden the cortex; once the sofa is dirty, sure to please the professional domestic cleaning company for cleaning and maintenance.
Leather sofa maintenance methods
Leather sofa maintenance methods. Key leather leather sofa maintenance of breath, so regular cleaning to keep the leather pores are not clogged with dust. And don't keep the indoor air is too dry or moist will accelerate leather aging. Leather sofa maintenance methods. To avoid direct sunlight sofa, living room often sunlight, may from time to time to prevent sofa intermodulation location color clear; if humidity place, you can use 8 to 10 points in the morning's weak exposure to the Sun for seven days, 1 hours a day, about 3 months doing it again. Leather sofa maintenance methods: in order to prolong the service life, avoid jumping on the sofa playing, sweating body not directly in contact with sofa ...