Knowledge of cleaning
1, in the washtub with a neutral SOAP flakes or high-detergent 20 degrees or so of mild liquid soap and blankets soaked in water after proposed squeezing gently to the water and then into the SOAP gently kneading by hand, rinse, and then repeatedly rinsed with clean water several times.
2, if it is pure blankets, in the last rinse while washing, can be placed in about one or two of vinegar, so that after washing a blanket of bright as new.
3, after rinsing, rolled up blanket, gently press, moisture, and then brush hair brushed neatly into the square shape.
4, airing blankets the best with two bamboo poles set up in parallel, then there will be upon the slowly dried in the shade, avoid direct exposure in the Sun to prevent blanket fading and deformation.
5, dry blankets the best to brush it again to restore the original soft blankets feel and look beautiful.