Knowledge of cleaning
First, leather sofa cleaning is to prohibit the use of alcohol and other volatile liquid scrub, prohibits the leather sofa is placed in direct sunlight and humid environment, or cortex will harden.
During the second, the sofa is stained with grease or cream, dry with a dry cloth, then wash scrub to a bright, then scrub clean with water.
Three, if you touch the pen when the oil, you can use the eraser to erase.
Four, if grease or dirt, scrub with SOAP and water, then scrub clean with water.
Five, stained with beer, sodium carbonate (sodium bicarbonate), substances such as coffee sofa should be scrubbed with SOAP and water, and then wash with water.
Leather sofa cleaning method:
1, have just purchased a leather sofa, wet a towel with water first, then towel dry erase sofa surface dust and dirt after, then care agent patted the sofa's surface, which will form a protective film on the surface of the sofa so that future easy depth dermal pores dirt, easy to clean in the future.
2, nursing surface avoided a sharp object scratched leather sofa.
3, to avoid grease stains, ball-point pen, ink, grease stain couch. If these stains on the sofa should immediately use leather cleaner to clean, no available leather cleaners also clean towel and gently scrub a little alcohol, cleaned leather protective agent care.
4, day-to-day care wring a wet towel to wipe the sofa, every month with a household vacuum cleaner, leather cleaner on the sofa cleaned.
5, in order to extend the life of sofa, it is best not to use the sweat of body's contact with sofa.
6, the sofa away from the wall 5-10cm placed to, and maintain it.
7, out of direct sunlight sofa, long term direct sunlight sofa surface, causing the surface to fall off.
8, special note: frosted leather sofa cleaner cannot use the above cleaning method, be sure to find a professional cleaning company to clean, otherwise the problem may even greater losses.