Knowledge of cleaning
A, formation of rust
Rust is mainly formed by oxidation of iron in stone. Iron, water, oxygen, are three elements contribute to formation of rust. Usually, we rust reaction of different levels will be divided into two broad categories:
(A) deep rust. Many varieties of stone granite contains a certain percentage of iron content in particular, when the iron content following full contact with water and oxygen, can cause oxidation, rust. Are particularly prone to this rust stone such as: United States Shandong white linen, Bai Ma (little flower), rust and stone (Slate). In addition, the alkalis in the cement in the water under the influence of reacts with iron in stone, rust will form.
(B) the surface rust. Stone in the process of extraction, processing, transportation, installation, surface contact with iron objects were left with a small amount of residual iron, iron residue in the air moisture, oxygen, oxidation and rust.
Second, rust
Rust treatment rust Remover is used primarily for processing. Rust removal process, the following points should be noted:
(A) avoid using oxalic acid cleaning stone rust directly, because of oxalic acid is simply rust (Fe2+), oxidation-reduction, iron by redox still instability, is easy with the air in the water and oxygen once again oxidation reaction occurs to generate rust, and will be further expanded as the flow of oxalic acid in aqueous rust areas. This is why using oxalic acid Rust removal rust spots will in addition to the more and more in addition to bigger's sake.
(B) when descaling agent is selected, be sure to use good quality products. Good rust Remover acid than, and also added the right amount of additives to maintain the stability of iron in a redox reaction. This rust Remover rust treated without treatment, can keep for a long time will not relapse. In contrast, some rust Remover is just some simple mixture of acids, cannot maintain the stability of iron in a redox reaction, recurrence is high.
(C) due to the different composition of marble and granite composition, different in nature. Marble mainly contain calcium carbonate, alkaline; granite's main ingredient is silicon dioxide, acidic. So when you use a descaling agent, be sure to tell the difference between marble and granite rust Remover rust remover. Granite rust Remover must not be used for marble dust.
(D) the processing of the surface rust, you can simply use the rust Remover brush the surface. Sometimes, or surface polishing method for processing; deep rust treatment is relatively complicated, need to maintain a certain dose and time. Sometimes need to be repeated to achieve the desired results.
(E) the stone using a rust Remover after the construction, it is recommended to rinse it again, be sure to use high quality stone curing agent after drying treatment. Aimed at complete removal of oxide reaction residue, preventing the recurrence of oxidation reactions.
Third, rust preventive
Rust prevention is mainly based upon the forming of three elements: the effective control of water, oxygen, and iron. Combined with years of experience, we will rust the main effective methods of prevention to the following:
1. the stone prior to construction, be sure to use high quality stone curing agent for six-sided stone protection, blocking stone iron in contact with the water.
2. avoid highly alkaline cement stone bonded construction, reduce the alkalis in the cement reacts with iron in stone a chance.