Knowledge of cleaning
Selection of different surface treatments, to create a stone surface effects, different stones have different maintenance priorities, should choose a different stone maintenance. A case study of typical stone, rough surfaces smooth stone stone and maintenance focus is very different.
In General, the display is designed by the architects, designers and design effects, different stone surface treatment of the same building used for the decoration of the building is a very common phenomenon. As expressed in the surface treatment of different stone Visual effects are different.
The polishing stone surface is more compact, stone containing hair color organizations are showing more color than the original changes, can create a detailed and dramatic effect. Therefore, the purpose of their maintenance in General still maintains a distinctive stone surface color and luster of the luminance. Common maintenance methods with emphasis on conservation, waxing treatment, add treatment, polishing, repair of damaged flat reinforcement, pollution removal, and so on.
In contrast, rough treatment of the stone surface, expressed by the rugged original sense of comparison or as a smooth sheet of parquet, maintenance of its more common still to surface roughness of regeneration, pollution removal, waterproofing (selection does not form a surface coating of the membrane and does not add to the conservation materials) and damage of main reinforcement, without grace. As part of the conservation materials or chemical processing agents may result in surface roughness of stone color, if used in a mosaic of weight plates, is likely to make light and rough Board color zoom, damage to the original design, and also does not apply to rough surfaces smooth maintenance and product slate.
Therefore, consumers in choosing a maintenance item, should be carefully considered, assessment, so as not to pay maintenance do not get the best results.