Knowledge of cleaning
Coffee: coffee trail does not dry, sprinkle immediately with mineral water, and then on the fabric with a stain pad under a little alcohol and vinegar mixture, rub a few times, you can remove stains. If the stain has dried, dipped with Glycerin, make it soft, then dipped a little SOAP on wet wash.
Chocolate: Glycerin and egg dipped cloth, cover the stain the surface, placed for a short time, wash.
Shoe Polish: a better solution is to use dipped alcohol cloth to rub back and forth, and then wipe clean with a clean cloth. Wipe clean with a cloth dipped in Sheung Shui and slowly.
Milk: it is not difficult to remove stains, but quickly removed will leave a difficult to remove unpleasant odor, wet stains, use SOAP in warm water wash. If the stain has dried, dip with lemon juice, washed in hot water with SOAP. Glue: when when the glue is dry, you can use a knife to gently scrape off the glue and then dipped the SOAP with a thick cloth to scrub the stain. If the glue has dried, spray some vinegar on stains, rub with a clean cloth; once every ten minutes until the glue softens.
Oil: If you accidentally stained with oil in a restaurant, please be careful not to use cleaning agents to remove, because it has damaged the cloth, and leave behind traces of removed, a good method is to use a napkin dipped with gas-oil mineral water wipe.
Cosmetics: got cover cream if you're not careful, you can use skin cream to erase, and then drops lemon juice without the sugar. If marks has penetrated deep, dipped ether cloth cleaning, then SOAP, water rinse, eyebrow pencil marks can be dipped with skim milk are removed.
Blood: this spot could easily penetrate the fabric, at the same time will leave a large area of dirt. Remember not to use hot water to wash blood stains, which will make stains are printed on the fabric. This early, the effect will be better. After slightly wet stains first, baking soda or potato flour on the altar, wring with a brush after removing stains, and SOAP and cold water wash with alcohol.
Clothes dyeing: first color clothes dye in a pot filled with hot water, plus 10 spoonfuls of baking soda per liter of water. Cover the clothes with bay leaves, that night, the next morning, wash, you'll find them white again.
Iron printing: ironed white shirt, leaving a Brown burn marks. Available 12 ° hydrogen peroxide on a piece of thick cloth, cover the stain. After more than 10 minutes, and then hot again with an iron. "Dirt" immediately disappear.
Soot stains: water melon scrub available, you can also use Glycerin scrub 50 degrees Celsius, then the SOAP wash with soda water or alcohol.
Perspiration: soak in salt water that can be placed in 3% 3-4 hour, and then rinse with clear water and then washed with SOAP or scrubbing with ginger or melon juice at the end at the sweat.
Tea or coffee stains: use hot, soapy water and rub, Chen stains available borax washing soap or alcohol solution.
Mud: emergency Essentials → let dirty water kill
Handler → moisture dried, brush brushing removes dirt, then wash clean with detergent solution.
Rust: emergency Essentials → tentatively set fixed
Handler → using the cotton coat with citric acid or dilute oxalic acid solution to wipe the stain, or replace it with lemon slices them with salt but also do the same, if not small stained area, using reductive bleaching Bai Jipiao Bai.
Mild iron Coke: programs → use hydrogen peroxide or fresh lemon juice to clean brown spots, get exposure to sunlight for a while, Brown marks will disappear.
Ink: emergency Essentials → tentatively set fixed
Handler → rice and place detergent on the ink rubbing, and then use the gauze to wipe away all the dirty dirt, this program after repeated round-trip times, then use the water clean, white clothing is using bleaching bleaching power to remove.
Mildew: emergency Essentials → remove the mildew tinybrush.
Handler → mildew after the removal is complete, to wring dry wet cloth, made of silk or wool, free alcohol here, if white cotton products, you can use bleach to strengthen decontamination; if there is old stains, soak 20 minutes in diluted ammonia, washing with SOAP and water.
Seal, crayons, crayons, shoe Polish: emergency Essentials → tentatively set fixed
Handler → take a little volatile oil hit the dirt, and then use the detergent liquid scale continued flapping back and forth.
Pollen, flowers and SAP: emergency Essentials → washed with cold water
Handler → water slightly rushed wipes out the juice, then alcohol contamination, so the chlorophyll in plants will be volatile, but if the contamination to stem outflows of white juice, you have to use some time after 20 times diluted ammonia, rinse again with clean water.
Pens: emergency Essentials oil facial blotting paper to absorb grease available →
Handler → grease on the surface of drawing is finished, then alcohol DAB stain, then use detergent to clean OK.
Summary however, standing in the home cleaning solutions, there are several detergent liquid the best readily available, such as alcohol, ammonia, bleach, neutral detergent, volatile oil, are clean of all souls ' antidote, that clothes are not included in the reimbursement.