Knowledge of cleaning
Wet installation is more prone to water spot lesions, lesions requiring treatment. In fact best or prepare for them, here are the methods of treatment and prevention.
Water spot lesions treatment
Reasons for the formation of water spots and their components are complex, stone under different circumstances, reasons for the formation of water spots also varies. Water spot known as the stone of cancer, to remove the water spots, you can say it is very difficult, the best solution is prevention.
1, the physical method of baking
This method is the use of high temperature heat precipitation of alkali-silica gel moisture so that it becomes solid after the colloidal and stone conservation agent for water treatment. Because this approach only deals with the surface of the stone, so when after alkali-silica gel into a solid, and will absorb moisture from the stones around the bottom and soon, to form water spots. Commonly used instrument is the sun light or flame throwers.
This method is the use of stone material water spot remover for cleaning, clearing or destruction of water formed in the stone plaque alkali or alkali-silica gel (C-S-H), out of its ability to absorb moisture, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling water spot.
3, cleaning baking method
Stone material water spot Remover cleared or destroyed water formed in the stone plaque of alkali-silica gel (C-S-H), then baking baking stone in the water.
Brightening color matching method is to use the Add method will have a water spot lesions in the stone part of the lighter stone color, to reach the dark part of the stones of the same color or the closest, so as to achieve beautiful and decorative effect. Brightening protective brightening toner color matching method can be divided into law and the ordinary method of brightening toner, protection while brightening color adjust stone color, stone also play a protective role, common brightening toner only adjusting the color stone, do not play a protective role.
At present, the governance of water spots, the effect is less than ideal, which is pressing a subject in our industry. In view of this, it is particularly important to prevent water spots.
Water spot disease prevention
Although more difficult to completely clear the water spot disease of stone, but it has a way of avoiding the occurrence of stone material water spot disease, specific methods are:
1, before the installation to use a dedicated protection protective agent for stone processing, especially the underside of the stone protection.
2, installed stone wet cement mortar should be minimized during construction of water content and the amount of mortar, you can use a semi dry mortar.
3, as far as possible by scraping the bottom of stone casting method and avoid the use of semi-dry basement pour slurry mortar paste stones.
4, stone design and installation should be reserved for the appropriate path, after installation you should maintain empty stone seam free, a week before caulking.
5 stone, wet paste installation to avoid rain and wet or wash with damp (especially just after installation 2-3 absolute prohibition within the week).