Knowledge of cleaning
Remember when I was home on water, family members are rarely cleaned water dispenser, Cha Cha, only on the surface of water, many families is, I believe, easy to neglect daily cleaning and disinfection of drinking water machine working, resulting in drinking water "secondary pollution". Water dispenser cleaning is easy to ignore mainly because many people feel that the water dispenser will not dirty, no cleaning, is because there are many who don't know how to clean without water dispenser cleaning water dispenser how to clean it?
First of all, we look at the importance of cleaning water dispenser.
Household drinking water disinfection using a 3-6 months should, while drinking in a public place using high frequency disinfection cycles should also be shorter. Water machine over 3 months not cleaning, internal on will produced large of bacteria and harmful material, these bacteria and harmful material into human Hou on will caused digest, and neural, and urinary, and hematopoietic system, of problem, so, if long-term not disinfection of water machine, even for Shang of is new water, water day also will was pollution, microbial number more will sharply increased, against health.
So how do water dispenser cleaning it?
As people's awareness on the importance of clean water dispenser, water dispenser cleaning resulting in great demand in the market, specializing in water dispenser cleaning professionals, their cleaning and disinfection work more tedious. But if you are a home cleaning you can learn from it in the following steps:
1, power off the dispenser, remove the barrel (water inside the water dispenser);
2, water dispenser, water from behind the water cooler;
3, filled with white vinegar and then add a small amount of water for 10 minutes, then the vinegar water tapped from behind and then washed twice to eliminate the vinegar smell. (Instead of white vinegar disinfectant, 300 ml of disinfectant in drinking water machine 10-15 minutes, disinfectant in disinfection rinse clean to prevent water inside. )
4, cleaning external water dispenser, use tweezers to hold the alcohol cotton, carefully scrubbing the inside and outside of the water dispenser tank and cover, use rag to scrub the water dispenser switch at the back wall.