Knowledge of cleaning
Wine cabinets need to clean in the home, in the process of cleaning is not like other furniture casual, but there are certain considerations, and when wine cabinets can be deactivated in the home is not a casual question, the well-known wine Cabinet company in Chengdu-Ou Mengda household enterprise editor for you to make the following analysis and explanation.
1, in order to secure before cleaning, please unplug the power supply.
2, needed when cleaning the Cabinet use a soft cloth or sponge, dipped in water or SOAP (no corrosion of neutral cleaning agents can). After cleaning wipe clean with a dry cloth to prevent rusting.
3, do not use organic solvents, water, detergent or acid substances such as clean the wine cooler. Shall not damage the refrigeration circuit.
4, cleaning do not wash liquor cabinet wine cabinet do not use hard brushes, wire cleaning.
Wine cabinets to be inactive for a long time, you need to cut off the power supply, clean as described above. And open the glass door cupboard dry storage of the object.